Working in partnership with nurseries, linking in planned themes and activities to extend topics. Each session plan is documented, showing the early learning goals and linked to EYFS.

We provide multi-sensory resources for each child and use a parachute, giant lycra or stretchy bungee for teamwork and collaboration to provide learning through play opportunities. Music & Movement contributes significantly to supporting children with delayed development, our sessions are fully inclusive and support children with special educational needs. 

By combining Music & Movement children can develop a wide variety of skills: Physical, Visual, Language, Listening and Musical, whilst thinking Creatively extending memory and social skills. These skills give children a huge advantage in learning and help them fulfil their genetic potential - and it is great fun too!

The cost of a 30-minute session with a qualified teacher is £30 with discounts offered for multiple sessions and charities  (All our teachers are fully insured, DBS, safeguarding, and first aid trained)

The Kimble’s experience is a great opportunity for practitioners to learn new songs, games and rhymes using the simplest of materials as well as turning traditional songs into exciting new activities. A great way to upskill staff at no extra cost to you, choose your focus area or mix and match.

Meaningful Movement and Physical Literacy are our specialism and incorporated into ALL our programmes. Children will learn to drive their bodies and continue to develop both their vestibular and proprioceptive sense.  Each focus supports development across the other 6 areas of Learning

A Choice of Programmes - Fully Inclusive 

Moving Maths

Following the EYFS Maths framework and Learning Goals. This active programme aims to support children to:

  • Experience number 1 to 10 in multi-sensory formats
  • Build memory using sequences of sound and actions through dance
  • Follow instructions and use maths language to extend vocabulary
  • Recognise, copy and create repeating patterns of sounds, actions and numbers
  • Develop spatial awareness and practice directional and positional language
  • Name and form 2D shapes and recognising their properties
  • Explore size, shapes weights and measure
  • An introduction to time and experimenting with clocks
  • Experiment with how number can be represented

This programme will soon be available for practitioners to purchase and deliver inhouse from our partners at Funky Feet Music

Physical Phonics

Following the EYFS Literacy framework and Learning Goals. We want to ensure that children have a solid understanding of the sounds of speech before we start phonics instruction, this active programme aims to support children to:

  • Listen for a purpose and follow instructions
  • Build word awareness
  • Echo sing and perform actions
  • Chant rhymes whist tapping rhythm sticks
  • Use language to extend vocabulary
  • Introduce letters and sounds in a multi-discipline format
  • Working with and noticing syllables
  • Build Phonological Awareness
  • Print awareness and motivation

This programme will soon be available for practitioners to purchase and deliver inhouse from our partners at Funky Feet Music

Personal, Social & Emotional Well-Being 

Developing our children in understanding behaviour and what's acceptable/unacceptable, following rules/taking turns, as well as talking about our thoughts and feelings. 

  • Building gross motor muscles
  • Fine motor control and bilateral coordination
  • Understanding the importance of a healthy body
  • Activities to support healthy hearts and aural hygiene
  • Learning to drive our bodies in a space
  • Explore emotions and self-expression
  • Increase self-confidence, self-awareness and skills whist working with others

Feeling the Beat program - Expressive Arts & Design

Exploration using various instruments to make music and creative dance using imagination as they express themselves individually.

  • Using tuned instruments such as bells, boomwakers and chime bars
  • Fine motor control and bilateral coordination
  • Learning to drive our bodies in a space
  • Develop rhythmic awareness in keeping the beat
  • Develop melodic awareness with words in rhyme, story and song

Engagement of parents is essential to building successful relationships and sharing with them their child's progress and the activities they are engaged in supporting them. Parents understanding of the brain development is key to their child's physical, mental well-being and happiness and prepares them ready for the next stage in life and be school ready! We are available to attend parents' evenings, open days and also offer parent workshops.