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August 31, 2022
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December 4, 2022
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Kimbles baby class
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Kimbles baby class

Friday 11.15am Baby Music classes


Baby Music classes  Friday 7th June 2024. Movement & music can build skills in language, auditory, motor, social, visual, memory and musical.

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Baby Music classes Friday 7th June 2024 music and movement fun with your baby

Join us for our 40 mins of fun-filled Music and Movement session.  We facilitate group activities such as the parachute and lycra play and all the wonderful props we have including stimulating the senses and also some British Sign Language. Dance, sing and do your thing at our studio Moira Furnace (DE12 6AT)

Through movement and music, we can build skills in all the essential learning areas: language, auditory, motor, creativity, social, visual, memory, as well as musical. Kimbles multisensory experiences, support babies and children in building copious quantities of important connections in the brain.  These connections help children to streamline information processing, therefore helping them to think more efficiently.  When we offer music and movement experiences to young children we stimulate brain development.

Have a listen to some of the award winning music we use at Kimbles by Funky Feet Music

We have classes for babies every weekday at 11.15am you can drop into if you miss a session.

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