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September 9, 2022
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February 7, 2023
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Tuesday 1pm Baby music classes for young babies including sing, sensory and sign


Baby music classes Tuesday 4TH June 2024. Come and share the joy of music and movement with us and make new friends.

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Baby music classes Tuesday 4th June 2024 music and movement fun with your baby (Note : babies  under 3 months old are free) We offer a discount for block bookings- BOOKING NOW ESSENTIAL IN THIS CLASS

Through movement supported by music, a child can learn so much about themselves and their world. The sharing of these social activities children can support the strengthening of the precious bond between you and your baby. During the first year of life a child learns trust, bonding and love.  Together we sing and talk to babies about what you are doing making eye contact with your child as you do it. Research shows that when we make that social interaction of eye contact,  we retain more of that information, as well as receiving the language both aurally and visibly as they watch your lips form shapes.

Join us for our 40 mins of fun-filled Music and Movement session.  We facilitate group activities such as the parachute and lycra play and all the wonderful props we have including stimulating the senses and also some British Sign Language. Dance, sing and do your thing at our studio Moira Furnace (DE12 6AT)

This class is aimed at babies up til crawling (free until 3 months old) Expectant mums and newborns are very welcome to come and observe (free)

Listen to our music

Babies who are on the move, you may want to try one of our 11.15am classes Tuesday 11.15am baby music classes

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