Kimble's work with a number schools across the Midlands.

We deliver a 45 minute program for up to 30 children.

Kimble's Music and Movement offer a schools program for Nursery, Foundation Stage and KS1 that can be either classroom based, focusing on musical skills and meeting curriculum requirements or be more focused on the Movement element of the program which would need to take place in the hall or outside space following EYFS and QCA guidelines.

Our musical activities develop the whole musical self through fun sessions cross referenced to the curriculum, which include singing as a group, singing in rounds, rhythm patterns, echo songs, teamwork, listening skills, improvisation, body percussion and instrument playing.

Our physical activities explore movement to music, role play, circle dances, building strength and co-ordination of large and small muscles, the development of balance, space perception, concentration, language, listening, memory, self confidence and a positive self esteem.

Working Together

Available for training, inset days, PPA cover, recorder club, lunchtime and after school clubs

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Investigation of the Musical elements and features of music through songs and activities with variations in:

  • Dynamics (Volume)
  • Rhythm (long and short)
  • Tone colour (type of sound)
  • Tempo (speed)
  • Melody and harmony (pitch)
  • Form (order)
  • Metre (beat)
  • Texture (arrangements of sounds)


  • Balance and co ordination
  • Directional Language and controlling the body
  • Gross and fine motor
  • Group and partner work
  • Controlling small and large objects

Beyond the music literacy

  • Personal Growth: co-ordination, self confidence; development of language, listening skills, memory, spatial awareness, multi-tasking, creativity
  • Interpersonal Growth: social skills sharing and taking turns, appreciating the ideas of others, working as a team.